2021 Expo Gennaio – Giugno

Dic 19, 2021


  • another good day for Pippa~Pinkerly Hotter than Hell – CAC~CACIB~BOS
  • Her brother Declan~Pinkerly into the wild won open class with Res CAC
  • behind their father Giltedge Wild Colonial Boy who won BOB and is now Italian Champion!

It’s all in the genes !


  • Pinkerly Into The Wild ‘Declan’ won open class with CAC ~CACIB ~ BOB
  • his sister Pinkerly Hotter Than Hell ‘ Pippa’ was CAC ~ CACIB ~ BOS

Thanks to Judge Mauro Mostura for appreciating them both.
I couldn’t dream a better weekend to be back on track

IDS Alessandria

  • PIPPA Pinkerly HOTter than Hell first time in open class won CAC ~ CACIB ~ BOB

Thanks to judge Giancarlo Sambucco for appreciating her qualities


Valentina Zanini

Pinkerly Golden Retrievers

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