2019 Expo Maggio

Mag 31, 2019

26 Maggio – IDS Alessandria

Joselyne did it again!!

  • Beatrix Potter Pinkerly*
    BOB-CAC-CACIB and now she can be called ITALIAN CHAMPION!

I’m very proud of this special girl who amazed me more than once! Top Dog Enci Giovani 2018. Last year BOB from Young class at the same show under Sergio Scarpellini and today crowned under Liz-beth C. Liljeqvist.

Thanks to all the judges who have made this possible: Maurizio Baria, Dan Ericsson, Salvatore La Fata, Jan Roger Sauge, Lovenkjaer Svend.
And I’m really grateful to Antonella Franzoni for trusting Tom (Pinkerly Tom Jones) together with her Monet!
She is my 33’ Italian Champion !

It is even more special as today 20 years ago I was thrilled to see my first litter coming to the world.

Since then we had up & downs but my life has been filled with so many wonderful memories and so much love!
Goldens do it better!

25 Maggio – IDS Novara

Judge Kalvo Kriisk

  • Little star of the day, Bambi*Pinkerly The Wedgwood Best Young. 
  • Salty*Pinkerly Salt or Sugar 2’ interm Res CAC/CACIB 
  • Her brother Tucker*Pinkerly In The Rush Hour 2’ interm 
  • The Twins Jerome & Joselyne * Geronimo Stilton Pinkerly & Beatrix Potter Pinkerly both 2’ in open …. nearly there…. the last ticket will arrive sooner or later 
  • Well done to Dylan*Pinkerly Mortimer Sackler &Diana Denise Kempis 1’ young.

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